We believe that the fundamentals of recruitment are to be open and honest.

Our policy means that we will always tell you about the margin and rates of pay, including perm fees.  We believe that we are an extension of your HR process, we act like we sit in your office and seek to represent your business in the most professional and trustworthy way.

Local and National Skills Database

We have access to over 50,000 CV’s across the UK and Europe. We also understand that the best options are usually local people, mainly as people wish gain a solid work/life balance. Either way we are committed to finding the best people for your roles and giving you the best options for your business.

Knowing the Candidates

With extensive market experience, we are able to reference most candidates within a very short timeframe. This is not only based on confirming dates on someone’s CV, but also being able to speak to other Project Managers or previous work colleagues, to find out about how well someone coped within their role, and most importantly how well they would fit your role. Our commitment to quality will ensure you can request 2 references from us for the candidates we present.

Timing is Everything

As well as turning round most requests within 4 business hours, we pride ourselves in understanding project lifecycles. We are able to benchmark suitable candidates for project in advance of the requirement, to fill positions, enabling us to partner in your project.

The Way we Work

We understand that you have a day job too. We know that agencies can make far too many calls, and sometimes waste your precious time. Once we understand your requirement we will endeavour only to call to: Provide Input - Review Potential Candidates - Prepare for Interviews - Negotiate an Offer.

Price Guarantee

We do what we say, and will agree to work with either fixed margins or price. Once this is done we focus on delivering the best people for your business.

And Finally

We know SAP, Oracle, IT & Transformation, once you have explained what you are doing and trying to achieve, we will ask sensible questions and agree what we will do… Then do it!